Your comfortable stay at the Grullo de Tepoztlán includes lodging and the following benefits:

* Detoxifying natural therapies.

* Nutritious food based on vegetables and fruit.

* Parking lot.

* Wireless Internet.

* Nutritional Advise.

* Yoga clases, walks.

In addition to your stay you can access to:

* Naturist consultation.

* SPA therapies.

* Naturist products.



Teléfonos: (01)(739).395.2902 y al (01)(739).395.7581

Telephones: (52) (739) .395.2902 and (52) (739) .395.7581

El Grullo de Tepoztlan, Natural Therapies Hotel, a place to pamper and improve your body and soul.

Naturist food, holistic massages, relaxation, reflexology, Yoga and everything you need to put your body and soul
in harmony in a unique place where you can experience professionalism and care in every detail.