Our detoxifying therapies are designed to cleanse your body and reactivate your natural defenses. You will feel more active, healthier. 

* Detoxification: Through the elimination organs: liver, kidneys, intestinal tract, lungs and skin, the body eliminates toxins. The harmful substances that prevent the proper functioning of our body cause headaches, fatigue, weakness, allergies, bad moods, etc.. By eliminating these toxins and properly nourishing us, health and vitality return, this being our main objective.

 * Steam bath: It is called steam bath or blood wash and is included in our program in order to help eliminate toxins and at the same time helps to stimulate defense mechanisms therefore strengthens the immune system. "... clean blood maintains healthy organs" (Khune, Father Tadeo, Lezaeta). A great help in the treatment of degenerative diseases and a great support to prevent them.


* Hydrotherapy: Virtually the whole body benefits from these therapies, providing a thermal balance by removing internal heat and decreasing inflammation.

* Vegetarian Food: Varied, sufficient, adequate, balanced and safe, highly nourishing and detoxifying.




Vitamins and minerals

We consider alkaline acid balance, estimation of energy needs, digestion, absorption and metabolism.

*Exercise: Extremely important in our program, we include it daily. We offer yoga classes and nature walks. When we exercise, we achieve:

Flexibility in the joints

Healthy bones

Sleep better and rested

We enjoy vital energy

Better circulation

Psychic and emotional physical health

*Mud: We use clay poultices for its magnetic effect, detoxifying energy and anti-inflammatory properties. The application of clay has been used for centuries with very positive results. (Khune, Kneip, Father Tadeo, Manuel Lezaeta).

Terapia con lodo Yoga

* Sun baths: We use the sun baths because:

They fix vitamin D

They avoid osteoporosis

Stimulate all the metabolism

Calm the Nervous System

* Medicinal plants: medicinal plants are used in the form of tizanas to complement the treatment program.

* Other: The program also integrates therapies such as:

Nettle and rub

Walk in the grass


Flaxseed shot

Hot compresses

Masks and relaxation with quartz

Clay poultices

Music therapy

Nutritional Orientation and Naturism

Sitting bath


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El Grullo de Tepoztlan, Natural Therapies Hotel, a place to pamper and improve your body and soul.

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